Sanibona Macabuzela Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Bongizwe Madondo (South African) and Sylvia Fischer (Austrian). Bongizwe and Sylvia met in 2011 on the trip to Botswana and shared their ideas and values. Their friendship developed and resulted to clothes donations to the poor kids from Macabuzela village. After three years the foundation was born and project started to schools where poor and needy children were helped with school uniforms and other academic needs. The school fees for primary and high school (registration fee) are not too high, ranging from R45 for the primary schools and R120 (annual) for the high school respectively, but most of the parents are unable to pay that money due to lack of funds caused by high rate of unemployment and most of the beneficiaries (kids) are orphans due to HIV/Aids diseases, Tuberculosis (TB) and other diseases. Simultaneously, the foundation started to help the local unemployed mid to old age women who are the bread winners for their families. The foundation established a chicken project where the local woman are breeding their own chickens and eggs, sell them and share amongst each other. The profit made goes direct into Sanibona foundation.  The chicken project enabled woman to get fresh organic eggs and meat to feed their families and sell them at the same time.