Our Vision

To alleviate poverty and sustainably improve the living standards of the poor, needy, unemployed and the marginalized people of KwaZulu Natal focusing in Macabuzela and Nompondo communities as the starting point.

The Foundation focuses on initiatives and projects that will assist the beneficiaries to become self-sustaining and independent. We are committed to promoting non-sexist and non-racialism in Macabuzela village, Nompondo village and KwaZulu Natal as a province; by respecting diversity and encouraging people of all races, faiths and cultures to join hands towards the development of different communities and South Africa. We work with and encourage local officials on the local level to develop economies that support efforts aimed at addressing poverty, education, inequality, unemployment and improving health outcomes.

Our success comes from serving our needy people with humility and in respecting the relationships with our internal and external partners. We will consistently carry ourselves in a manner that displays honesty, commitment and credibility. We will continuously strive to be the best in everything we do. We are driven by our belief in helping others help themselves.


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