Our Projects

Sanibona Macabuzela Foundation is helping needy kids and uplifting women from the rural villages by helping them develop some projects with funds donated by friends and people who know us. Southern Tours and Safaris (Bongizwe’s travel company) is helping on selling the idea to its clients and network.

Our achievements/success:

Chicken project- 10 families are directly benefiting from this project and few more neighbors who are not project members but they are benefiting through the word of Ubuntu (spirit of humanity). In South Africa, families are ranging between 5-10 members per family, meaning our chicken project is helping more than 50 impoverished people.

School uniforms: For the past three years we have been assisting about 40 students from the Nompondo primary school and Siphosabadletshe high school with full uniforms and other academic needs.

Higher education: We are currently helping three students who are training as Tourists Field Guides, by doing so, we are enabling and equipping them with life skills, soon they will write their examinations, get their qualifications certificate and start looking for job.